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Serving Residential Homes and Commercial Businesses in Huntsville, Madison, Athens, and the surrounding areas in north Alabama.

We service the Greater Huntsville Area, including all of Limestone and Madison Counties!

Map of Control Service Areas

Pest Control in Madison

Much of the construction in north Alabama is moving eastward from Madison to Athens. Since we are located in East Limestone, we are only minutes now from the edge of Madison.

Pest Control in Huntsville

Huntsville is a very large, spread out city. Scout has clients in all corners of the Rocket City. We serve both residential areas and many of the city’s big employers.

Pest Control in Athens

Our headquarters is located in East Athens with easy access to 72. We are proud to call Limestone County home as it offers a truly centralized area to service all of north Alabama.


Family Friendly Pest Control that’s Easy to work into your routine!

Our service is family-friendly and easy to work into your routine. After completing an initial flush-out visit, we return regularly, usually just once per season, to attack pests where they nest and hide and to put up protective barriers that prevent the re-entry of pests into your home. Unlike many other services in the Huntsville area, most customers only see us once a season. We aim to do it right each time and set a service schedule that works best with your home and situation.

We provide the most comprehensive treatment methods, using the most advanced products to ensure your home remains pest free between visits. Often, because we can space our services to as little as once every three months, we can save you money from what many “bargain” monthly service companies charge – while upgrading the results considerably! Because each situation varies somewhat, we also offer customized treatments and service frequencies as needed.

We are so confident in our services that Scout offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you experience any pest problems with our covered pests between services, we will return, for free, as many times as necessary to resolve the issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I ever see any bugs after starting service?

After we’ve treated an area, any remaining bugs will exit their hiding places and seek to remove themselves from the area treated for pests. As a result, you might see insect activity immediately following your initial service. However, the frequency at which you see pests in your home should diminish within two weeks as the treatment settles in and any remaining bugs leave the area, leaving you pest-free. 

It is entirely normal and expected to see the occasional bug, as they are a natural part of any environment. Still, you should no longer suffer from large quantities of insects inside your home. Call us if you start to see infestation levels of bugs or if they are becoming a continuous indoor nuisance. A second treatment might be necessary, and we are more than happy to return to your Huntsville home to provide this service. Read More Tips Here!

Q: Do I need to leave the house during/after treatment?

Your comfort and safety are our number one priority. Therefore, out of caution, we ask that pregnant women and very young children stay out of the service area until after everything dries. Anyone with underlying conditions, sensitivities, or otherwise vulnerable should also want to check with their doctor about health concerns related to pest control. If you don’t fall into any of these categories, staying at your home throughout and immediately following your service is perfectly safe. Regardless of medical concerns, if you feel more comfortable leaving the premises during treatment, you are more than welcome!

Q: Why is there an abundant amount of spiders this year?

Various factors can contribute to the spider populations you encounter in Madison county and the greater Huntsville area yearly. Usually, the weather is a substantial contributing factor. The warmer the weather, the more actively insects can reproduce. When pests are abundant, the spider population increases in direct proportion. Mild winters mean fewer spiders will die off throughout the season, and more importantly, fewer of the spiders’ favorite foods will die off, leaving an abundance of their food supply. You can see why this would be an easy recipe for many spiders!

Some elements of your home and property might attract more spiders. For example, if you’ve made changes in your landscaping or if it’s fallen into neglect, you may be inviting more insects to reside there, which in turn attracts spiders. Standing water will also increase your pest and spider population, so ensuring your landscaping is well-managed is advisable.

Q: What do you use for organic/green treatments?

Safe and environmentally conscious pest control practices are important to us, which is why we use a treatment approved by the National Organics Program and other natural compounds to eliminate pests in your home. We’ll also often utilize essential oils like thyme, rosemary, and peppermint that serve as natural pest repellants for a safer, eco-friendlier solution to your bug problem!


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