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Pest problems are a fact of life in Northern Alabama. Pests invade because of a desire for shelter, food, and water. They like our homes and yards for many of the same reasons we do! If you aren't actively working to eliminate and prevent pest problems, then they will be constantly working to invade your home. By using Scout's professional services, your home will be pest and worry free!

Family Friendly Pest Control that’s Easy to work into your routine!

Our service is family friendly and easy to work into your routine. After completing an initial flush out visit, we return regularly, usually just once per season, to attack pests where they nest and hide, as well as to put up protective barriers that prevent re-entry of pests into your home. Unlike many other services in the Huntsville area, the majority of our customers only see us once a season. Our goal is to do it right each time and to set a service schedule that works best with your home and situation.
We provide the most comprehensive treatment methods, using the most advanced products on the market to ensure your home remains pest free between visits. Often, because we can space our services to as little as once every three months, we can save you money off of what many “bargain” monthly service companies charge - while upgrading the results considerably! Because each situation varies somewhat we also offer customized treatments and service frequencies as needed.
We are so confident in our services that Scout offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you experience pest problems with any of our covered pests between services, we will return, for free, as many times as necessary to resolve the issue.
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We service the Greater Huntsville Area, including all of Limestone and Madison Counties!

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