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About Scout Pest Control

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Scout Pest Control began servicing the Huntsville, Madison, and Athens areas in early 2013. Scout is a locally owned and operated, and has developed a reputation as the top Local choice in Pest Control service for North Alabama. We live here, work here, and are highly invested in serving our community!


Scout Pest Control is a Locally owned and operated business.

At Scout, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest levels of service available. We do this through continuous training by industry experts, by knowing that our employees are our most valuable asset, and by remembering that it is through taking care of you, the customer, that we stay in business.


Pest Elimination

At Scout Pest Control, we are experts at getting rid of the pests that love to invade your home. We can take care of anything from ants to wasps, and most everything in between! Chances are if it’s in your home we have a treatment for it. Sometimes customers encounter unusual and/or exotic problems. If that happens, don’t worry, we have a few resident “bug nerds” that love nothing more than a new challenge!

Rest assured we know exactly how to solve your pest problems and maintain a pest free home. With so many other things to do in your day-to-day life, isn’t it be nice to no longer have to worry about pests?


Pest Control Service Options

The majority of our customers are set up on a General Pest Control Quarterly Service program. These visits are primarily exterior services to disrupt breeding cycles and maintain repellent barriers around the home. Each treatment is customized based on the season and the visible pest issues. Rest easy knowing that we have pest problems under control! With our Quarterly Pest Control plan we offer monthly billing where your bill is broken down into easy monthly payments. This helps keep costs down while giving you the best service available.

We also offer bi-monthly and monthly pest control treatment plans. These are recommended in situations with higher-than-normal pest populations, difficult pests like Brown Recluse or Black widows, or in most commercial situations. If you have any questions on which treatment option is best for you, give us a call and we’ll be glad to help you decide.

At Scout, we also offer a Green Pest Control service! With our Green Pest Control system, we service monthly, inspecting for issues and resolving them following the guidelines from the National Organics Program for Organic Pest Control Treatments. Many parents with small children  choose  Scout’s Green Pest Control option. This is a great option for homes with pets, or people who are more sensitive and for those  choosing  to “Go Green.” Many of the products we use for this service are so low in toxicity they are exempt from registration with the EPA, and some are even rated at GRAS (generally regarded as safe), the best rating a pesticide can receive! If you’re interested in “Going Green,”  call  us today!

Initial Pest Service

Before beginning your regular service schedule, it is essential that we flush out the nesting areas in your walls, attic, plumbing voids, as well as attacking any issues inside your home. We use the most advanced techniques and methods to rid your home of existing pest infestations. During the initial visit we also service the full exterior of the home using a non-repellent spray to keep from running pests into the home. We will also service the yard areas adjacent to the home to eliminate fire ants and other pests that nest there. We will also sweep the eves of the home free of spider webs and wasp nests up to 16′. After we perform the initial service, it is common to experience an increase in activity for one to two weeks as bugs attempt to flee their nesting areas.


Regular Pest Control Services

After completing the initial visit, it is essential that we begin the regular quarterly pest control services thirty to forty-five days after performing the initial treatment. During these visits, we will apply a repellent barrier around the home that prevents pests from returning to re-infesting the home. This first quarterly service also will eliminate surviving pests and begin to disrupt the breeding cycle by eliminating newly hatched pests before they start to reproduce. With our regular pest control service, you will see a large reduction in pest activity each time we service!



Pests are persistent and at times they will penetrate even the best treatments. If this happens, rest assured we’ve got you covered. We back up our service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will return and re-service your home for free using specialized methods and products to eliminate the specific problems you’ve been having.

If you would like to experience the Scout Difference, call us and schedule an appointment today!



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Commonly Asked Questions

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