Bed Bug Monitoring

Have you seen bed bugs in your home? Scout Pest Control is here to help! They’re not life-threatening, but they can become a very serious problem, and should be treated correctly. To verify if you actually do have a bed bug infestation, one option is to use a bed bug monitor. Today we will be going over the different types of monitors or traps and what each does.Disclaimer: The bed bug traps, monitors, and sprays listed below are NOT meant to be used to eliminate bed bugs, only to monitor. If you have an infestation, call Scout Pest Control immediately at (256) 216-1088.

Bed Bug Monitoring is the term used for the various kinds of monitors and/or traps to attract and catch bed bugs. There are many kinds of monitors and traps, and we will be going over a few of them. Please note that the monitors and traps listed are not meant to be used to eliminate bed bug infestations, only to confirm their presence or to detect them earlier in an infestation when they can be more difficult to find.

Bed Bug Monitors

Active Monitors

If you’ve done a little searching on Google beforehand, you might see home-made monitoring systems involving dry ice. Unlike dry ice, there are professional systems that are more effective and easier to use. These monitors attract bed bugs by deploying CO2, and/or bed bug pheromones. Active bed bug monitors can produce CO2 for anywhere from one to five days. You can buy one version called the Bed Bug Beacon here, or if you call us we offer another version that also has a pheromone lure that lasts for 90 days. It is called Verifi Bed Bug Monitor, and is effective at trapping and finding low-level infestations. Active traps like these are more effective than passive traps at drawing in and capturing bed bugs. These types of monitors are best at finding a low-level infestation, and are a great purchase for people who frequently travel. To purchase the Verifi Bed Bug monitor, or refills for the CO2 or pheromone lures give us a call!
As with passive monitors, these are not meant to be control measures, rather they are tools used to find and confirm an infestation.

Bed Bug Traps

ClimbUp Insect Interceptor Bed Bug Trap

This monitor is a single plastic cup with a center well and an outer pitfall. Each foot of a bed should be placed in an interceptor and it is designed to catch bugs as they attempt to climb the bed, or leave it. Bed Bugs approaching this device will have an extremely hard time getting out of it as the cone is too slick for them to crawl out of. This is also a great device on detecting early bed bug infestations. You can buy the Insect Interceptor Bed Bug Monitor here. One of the weaknesses of this device is that bed bugs find ways to circumvent the traps. For example, bed bugs can climb walls to the ceiling and then drop from the ceiling onto the bed to feed, and then drop from the side of the bed to the ground to avoid the traps. Never underestimate the tenacity of a bed bug! Another weakness is that this monitor doesn’t do anything to, or notify you of bed bugs that seek harbourage on the bed, box spring, and bed frame itself. This comprises around 80% of an infestation. Even with its limitations, this is a good tool to use, and can help in monitoring an infestation.

PackTite Passive Bed Bug Trap

This bed bug trap can be placed anywhere near the host site. Since bed bugs usually prefer to shelter near their feeding site, the small holes and tunnels are very tempting for them. If you start seeing fecal spots, or other signs of bed bugs it can confirm an infestation. You can buy this trap here. I have not personally used this trap, but it is an option that some people say works.

Bed Bug Barrier Tape

This tape can be used anywhere near the feeding and/or host site of the bed bugs. The tape has a slick coat and any bed bugs trying to climb or enter the site will slip and will not be able to enter the site. This is probably not a great way to monitor for, or control bed bugs. It is more of a gimmick than a serious control or monitoring effort.

What to do if I think I have bed bugs?

Don’t worry or panic, Scout Pest Control is here to help! While these monitoring solutions are not meant to eliminate bed bugs, they can be used to help detect them. If you have bed bugs, or think you might, give us a call! We are happy to provide free quotes.

Call us today at (256) 216-1088!

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