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Bed Bug Pest Control for Hotels and Businesses in Northern Alabama

Movie TheaterFor many years the phrase “Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” was simply a saying; unfortunately, for many people this is no longer the case. In the last several years bed bugs have made a resurgence to become a much more common and difficult to control problem. As a business owner, you may not think bed bugs are a problem for you, but they are showing up more and more in commercial settings. They are being found in office buildings, movie theaters, clothing outlets, public transportation, hotels and motels, and more. If you find evidence of bed bugs in your business, don’t hesitate—call us immediately.

Once a bed bug infestation has been confirmed, there are a variety of treatment options. At Scout, we provide a thorough treatment to eliminate both pests and eggs. These treatments are intense and do require a significant amount of work by the business as well as our technicians. When we confirm infestation we will give you a list of items that need to be completed to prepare for the treatment.

Organic Bed Bug Control

Seat infested with bed bugs

We also offer an Green treatment for bed bugs!  For many people bed bugs are a concern, but so is potential exposure to pesticides. Until recently there were only a few options regarding green bed bug treatments. Some of the most common are:

Heat treatments Heat treatments involve raising the temperature in the treatment area to levels higher than those that bed bugs can withstand. Done right this treatment effectively kills adults, nymphs, and eggs. Heat treatments can be very effective, but a lot depends on the operator ensuring even heat distribution, and air flow through the treated area. There is also a possibility of heat damaging sensitive electronics, and there is no residual control after treatment is performed. Due to the risks of heat treating, and the many failures we have seen, heat is not the option we typically recommend.

Freeze treatments This treatment involves pumping extremely cold liquids into wall voids and areas that bed bugs could be hiding. This is still a somewhat unproven method of control, and is not one that we recommend.

With recent innovations in green pest control technology we are happy to offer another green pest control option. This is using a combination of natural products, encasements, steam, and vacuuming. These service options offer a great residual, and have been proven effective through extensive field testing. Using this option we can effectively control for bed bugs now, and provide a relatively long-lasting residual protection (90 days or longer) against future infestations.

While this service isn’t cheap, it is far less expensive than the other green bed bug treatments and it is very reliable!

For answers to any questions or to schedule an inspection at your business, give us a call at 256-216-1088!