Bed Bugs

For years, the saying “don’t let the bed bugs bite” was just that, a saying. Bed Bugs are a growing problem, and if you haven’t heard of them before, chances are good you’ll hear more about them in the future! If you think you may have bed bugs, Scout Pest Control is here to help!

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are parasitic insects that solely feed on blood. The actual name of the most common bed bug is called the Cimex lectulariusThese bed bugs commonly feed on human blood. Bed Bugs are commonly found inside homes near or inside beds, pillows and bed frames. While they are not exclusively nocturnal, they are very active at night.

What do they look like?

081Adult bed bugs vary from light-brown to a reddish-brown in color. They appear to be flattened, and have a distinct oval-shape.

What happens if I get bit?

Most people don’t have any type of reaction for several months, it is only after being fed on for a time that we develop an allergic reaction to their saliva. Symptoms of bites vary from person to person, because it’s truly an allergic reaction rather than any type of venom as with spiders or wasps. Sometimes a bite produces skin rashes, others have allergic symptoms like hives, yet others have a small mark right at the site of the bite. While these bites are not life-threatening, they can lead to some health problems if there are complications. If you are concerned, please call your doctor right away.

I have an infestation!

If you or anyone you know has an infestation of bed bugs, call Scout Pest Control today. We are dedicated to helping you live in freedom without these pesky bed bugs causing trouble in your life. We specialize in general pest control service, bed bug infestations, as well as rodent elimination. What are you waiting for? Have your problem solved today by calling us at (256) 216-1088!
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