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DIY Pest Control Issues

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Did You Know?

The DIY culture has been growing, and many people are testing their skills with at-home
remodeling projects, creative décor, and other simple home fixes. Many of these DIY
projects, however, do not pose the considerable risks associated with DIY pest control.

Personal & Family Health Risks
Many DIY pest controls use potentially dangerous substances to remove pests. If used carelessly, these substances can affect not only your health but your family and pets as well. Pest control professionals use products that are pet and family-friendly. The high quality of the product and the professionals’ knowledge and expertise on how to layer them ensure that these substances are suitable for your home and family.

Environmental Risks
Did you know that improper use of DIY substances can leak into water supplies? Or that mixing certain pesticides can destroy wildlife and vegetation? Professional pest control technicians remove that risk. With their extensive training and education on the proper way to use pesticides and how they will affect the surrounding area, your home and yard will be safe.

Monetary Risks
Have you tried a DIY pest solution, only to find that the pests keep coming back or didn’t leave at all? Many DIY options only scratch the surface of the pest problem and not the root. If the pests are not fully eradicated, more and more damage may be done to your home and possibly even your family’s health. Let the pest professionals find the root of your pest problem, giving you some peace of mind.

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