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Green Pest Control for Businesses

Eco-Friendly CompanyHere at Scout Pest Control, we are committed to protecting the environment and not passing problems on to our children. Additionally, pests have developed resistance to many modern man-made products. A great advantage of using green products isn’t only the added safety, but with certain products, pests don’t seem to have the ability to develop resistance! With this knowledge we strive to use high quality, natural products as much as possible even with our traditional services. We’ve found that, used correctly, these products can be as or even more effective than the harsher man-made products.

With our Commercial Green Pest Control Service we design a unique service plan for your facility which is National Organic Program (or NOP) compliant. Green pest control does require more work on our part through physical controls, as well as on the part of your facilities manager in keeping your buildings and areas well maintained and issue free. Choosing a green pest control service can sometimes require a significant investment of time, and energy, but it is often worth it in terms of increased customer satisfaction and increased sales as customers choose more eco-friendly options.

If you think having a green pest control service, or that going organic would improve your business give us a call for a free initial consultation to see how we can benefit you!