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Green Pest Control – A Healthy Choice!

Green Pest Control

Here at Scout Pest Control, we are committed to protecting the environment and making sure our children are healthy. To do this, we have decided to go green. As we can tell you, there is a reason that green pest control products show up all over the place today. They are better for the environment and your family’s health.

Green or organic pest control products are not that much different than conventional pest control products. Both employ chemicals to help control the pest population in your home and yard. However, green pest control uses only ingredients and chemicals that occur naturally in nature and that are not produced in a lab. These products do not contaminate the soil or water, and so are significantly better for the planet than traditional pesticides.

Studies have shown that green pest control is healthier for both humans and our furry friends. There is less opportunity for allergic reactions, unintended poisonings, and brain damage with green pest control practices. These benefits alone should make most people want to switch to our green pest control products.

A great advantage of using our green products isn’t only the added safety, but with certain green products, pests don’t seem to have the ability to develop resistance! Pesticide resistant pests are a big problem with modern pest control products, as is seems like many pests have developed resistance to many modern man-made pesticides. Because of this knowledge, here at Scout Pest Control, we strive to use high quality, natural products as much as possible. We will even use them in our traditional pest control service. We’ve found that, used correctly, these green products can be as or even more effective than the harsher synthetic products. So, even if you choose to use a more traditional method of pest control, you will still receive the benefit of our green products.

Here at Scout Pest Control, our green service utilizes natural compounds like Boric Acid, Silica Dust, and Pyrethrins, as well as various essential oils like thyme oil, rosemary oil, peppermint oil, and geraniol. These natural oils prevent and control unwanted pests by creating a barrier around your house and yard. They also have the added benefit of smelling nice. In addition to our green pest control services, we can also discuss natural, organic pest control options. For example, you may decide to plant thyme, rosemary, or peppermint plants, which will work in conjunction with our green pest control products and provide even more protection from these unwanted visitors.

Many options with green pest control exist. We are here to help you choose the right combination of products and strategies that will work best for you and your family. It is our goal to help you on your journey to a life without annoying pests.

If you are looking for Eco Friendly and Green Pest Control in Athens, Madison, Huntsville, or Limestone and Madison counties, call us today and we’ll be happy to serve you!

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