Honey Beehive Cutout

At Scout Pest Control, we know that the Honey Bee is an important and very beneficial insect. It not only provides us with delicious honey, but it also pollinates crops, trees, and many other plants. We are committed to protecting bees, and perform bee removal services. 

These pictures are from a recent bee removal job we performed. These bees had found a small opening to get behind the siding of a home where the overhang of the porch met up with the side of the house. The homeowner had experiences problems with bees years before, and had called a different exterminator to come and kill the hive. Killing a bee hive rarely works to eliminate a bee problem! In fact it can often make problems worse. Once a bee colony dies, there are often worse, and persistent infestations of ants, roaches, and beetles that feed off of the honey left in the wall or void. Further, the honey will often melt on hot days, dripping out of the comb, and staining walls, and contributing to mold growth. 

The best way to take care of a bee hive inside of a wall is to completely cut out and clean out not just the bees, but their comb and honey as well. It is then best to seal up the opening to prevent a re-infestation by a future hive to the same inviting spot. 

Check out the pictures below, and comment with any questions!

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