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Mosquito Service


Mosquitoes. They are the annoying little bug that knows how to ruin a good barbecue, how to keep you from enjoying your pool or yard, and now there are even more concerns than ever about the diseases they can spread! To help you take control of your yard and home Scout Pest Control now offers mosquito service.

There are a lot of options when it comes to treating for mosquitoes. We try to take the confusion out of it, and keep things simple. We understand most customers don’t want to invest thousands of dollars, or deal with the headaches associated with units installed on homes, and so we have tailored a service that will fit the vast majority of customers here in the TN valley.

With our mosquito service we use a gas-powered mister/blower and treat the foliage and other resting areas that mosquitoes use around your home. During the day these pesky creatures like to hide, coming out when they sense they can get a blood meal. With our service we eliminate these hiding areas, reducing mosquito populations significantly around your home!

Also, as part of our service, we look for areas with standing water, and treat to kill mosquito larvae and reduce breeding locations. We will also inspect and point out concerns or repairs that can be made to reduce breeding sites, and other changes that may need to be made for you to have less mosquito pressures.

Mosquitoes tend to fly less than 100 yards for a blood meal. Because they are weak flyers when they do seek a blood meal, they like to fly close to their target, and rest on a bush or shrub to then sneak in close. With our treatments even mosquitoes flying into your yard from neighboring areas can be taken care of! Depending on the size of your yard, and the number of bushes and shrubs you have, you can expect anywhere from a 60-80% reduction in mosquitoes, resulting in a serious reduction in bites!



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