What is Organic Pest Control?

It seems like everything is labelled organic these days. But, you may be like the many people out there that wonder what, in fact, organic actually means. Don’t worry, we’ve got the answer to this questions and reasons to use organic products in your pest control regimen.

Organic Pest Control: A Definition

The term “organic” itself can be confusing, since its definition depends on the context. In science “organic” is any substance on Earth that contains carbon. However, when you hear the word “organic” used in relation to gardening and food. In this context “organic” means any plant that is grown without the use of synthetic – i.e. man-made – chemicals.

It is the latter definition that we use when talking about organic pest control. “Organic” in this context means that the products used to control your household pests come from nature not a lab. Sometimes these products are labelled as “green.” This, or course, does not mean that organic pest control products don’t contain chemicals. Everything in nature is made of chemicals. But, in organic pest control products those chemicals appear naturally and are not synthetic.

Organic Pest Control Pros and Cons

There are a lot of reasons to consider using green or organic pest control. There are also some drawbacks to their use. As with everything, you need to examine both the pros and cons before making the decision that’s right for you.

  • Organic pesticides are environmentally friendly, which means that they remove any negative impact on your environment.
  • You don’t just have to use pesticides. Organic pest control practices also encompass integrated pest management (IPM) plans. These are preventative measures that attempt to control and fix your pest problem before it gets out of hand. IPM practices significantly reduce your needs for pesticides.
  • Removing synthetic chemicals from your soil by using organic products will improve your soil health, garden productivity, and – ultimately – your food’s nutritional composition.
  • Pest don’t develop a resistance to organic products in the same way that they do to traditional pesticides. So, you can continue to use the same organic products again and again without worry.
  • Organic pest control products still tend to be more expensive that traditional pesticides.
  • Often these products are less strong than their traditional counterparts, which means that you will likely have to wait longer for them to work properly. If you are experiencing a pest infestation this wait time may be unacceptable.


If you are interested in organic pest control, you should research a good pest control company that employs green practices. They can tailor and individual pest control plan for you and help you learn good IPM practices. A good organic pest control company should also use green or organic products that reduce their impact on your environment.

If you live in Limestone and Madison Counties in Alabama, then your best option for organic pest control is Scout Pest Control. They offer green services for both residential and commercial clients. Take the guesswork out of organic pest control and contact Scout today.

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