Pharaoh Ants

              So maybe sometimes you see a few ants here and there around the inside of your home, not thinking they’re a problem, you shrug them off as no big deal. Then one day you see a monster trail of them leading into your kitchen from underneath your window sill. These could be Pharaoh Ants. Pharaoh Ants are very small and range from a yellow to a light brown color. They seem innocent, but could very well become a problem for you.

                Pharaoh Ants can nest outside, but also in warm, difficult-to-reach places inside your home, like wall voids or the attic. These ants are sneaky little creatures and can often go undetected for a long time because their trails are in hidden places, like behind baseboards and cabinets. They feed on little insects, but also love sugars, jellies and cakes. These ants are often found in food pantries or in places where food has accidentally been forgotten. Also, all ants carry diseases that could infect your food making you and your family get sick. So if you think they are just little ants, and aren’t too big of a problem, think again! They could become a problem by infecting your food and spreading disease!

Pharaoh Ant colonies have many separate queens and create many different nests by budding. This creates a problem when trying to control them, because using regular insecticides can only cause the colony to form new nests creating a larger infestation. This is why we recommend professional help to get them under control. We are experts at eliminating Pharaoh Ants, and other types of ants from homes and businesses. If you’re seeing ants in or around your home, give us a call for a free inspection!

By Samantha Allen


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