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Rodent Pest Control

Mice and rats are a common problem, especially in the fall and winter months as rodents look for a warm place to stay for the winter. Our General Pest Service includes trapping rodents that invade your home, garage, and attic. Using traps, we are able to quickly eliminate these pesky invaders. We have various types of traps depending on the type of rodent, the severity of the problem, and the likelihood that traps may be disturbed.


Many of our customers are also interested in our baiting program. Using several strategically placed Rodent Bait Stations, we can control for rodent populations before they find a way to invade your home. Many customers that have a history of rodent issues use this service to help prevent future problems. This service works by reducing the rodent population in and around your home. By reducing the overall numbers, we can reduce the chance that they will try to invade your home.

Organic Baiting

For customers with concerns about rodent bait, those looking to stay with a strict organic pest control program, or anyone concerned about the possibility of secondary poisoning, we also offer Organic Rodent Baiting. One of the great things about the organic bait we use is that it is much safer for situations where pets, children, or anything else may contact the dead rodents. The bait is approved for use in all organic facilities, and is even more effective than traditional baits against certain types of resistant rats. The organic bait does cost a little more, but many customers find that it’s worth the peace of mind. We can do organic rodent baiting even if you have the traditional pest control service; just send us an email asking about pricing and options.


Before a rodent can invade your home, it has to find an entry point. As a general rule, mice can usually fit through openings the size of a dime, and rats can fit through openings the size of a quarter. Often due to mistakes in construction, an aging home, damage, or rodents gnawing, they are able to find and exploit these openings to gain access to your home and attic. Often the most effective way to eliminate rodents and prevent future problems is by fixing these areas. Exclusion is especially effective when combined with both baiting and trapping.