Spring & Summer Pests in Alabama

As everyone who lives in Northern Alabama knows, a temperate climate yields many unwanted critters. While pests are common in Alabama throughout the year, as is often the case, the number of these unwanted guests increases exponentially during the spring and summer. Today we discuss some of the most common pests to watch out for during these two hot seasons.

If you find that any of the pests listed here become a problem, we recommend setting up an appointment with Scout Pest Control.

Spring Pests

In the spring, temperatures are just beginning to rise from the 40s of winter to the 60s and 70s of spring. Here in Athens, a rise in humidity accompanies the change in temperature. Therefore, pests that may have died back during winter’s dry and cool days come back in abundance in spring. You can learn more about these annoying insects on Scout’s Pest ID page.


In Alabama, termites begin emerging in the early spring. These little bugs can be extremely destructive because they will eat the wood in your house, which can cause structural damage. Scout Pest Control has many options for ridding commercial and residential properties of termites. Visit their termite pest control pages for residential and commercial properties for more details.


Most houses in Alabama have spiders, and the majority of these are species that will not harm humans. However, if you have black widows or brown recluses—both species of spider that love the warm Alabama climate—then you should seek the services of professionals like Scout Pest Control. This FAQ page outlines more information about spiders.


These and other stinging insects emerge in the spring. Wasps are a particular problem for the homeowner because they nest in the ground and thousands can live in a single hive.

Summer Pests

In some respects, summer in Alabama is an amazing time. As long as you don’t mind hot weather, there are many activities that you can do. Another group that loves the summer is household pests. Here are few of the most annoying summer-loving insects.


Ants love warm temperatures and use Alabama’s hot summers to ramp-up their search for food. You can help control an ant infestation of your house by cleaning up all food items and removing your trash regularly. But, these little creatures can be tenacious, and so occasionally need professional services to be gotten rid of.


Anyone who has ever been bitten by a bedbug knows how annoying can be to have around. Unfortunately for those of us in Northern Alabama, bedbugs thrive in hot weather, as it makes breeding easier. Luckily for you, Scout Pest Control has residential and commercial options for getting rid of those nasty bugs.


Alabama has some bugs, especially certain varieties of beetle, that only live from June-August. Even though these bugs are not a problem year-round, they can be a nuisance if you let them get out of hand. In Alabama, summer beetles and insects include earwigs, crickets, centipedes, Mexican centipedes, Camel Crickets, and Asian Ladybugs.


Having bugs in and around your house is never a fun time, especially in the spring and summer. You deserve to be taking advantage of the beautiful Alabama weather, not worrying about dangerous or annoying insects in your house. This is why you should employ the professional pest control services that Scout Pest Control offers.

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