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Termite Education

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Termites: When To Call The Pros

When you suspect you may have a serious pest infiltrating your home,
like termites, often customers aren’t sure of what their first steps
should be. Should you try and handle the problem on your own, or do you
call in the professionals? There are several great reasons to skip the
DIY control and go straight to the professionals.

– Professional Termite Technicians can come in and evaluate exactly what
type of pest problem you are having. There are various pests that are
often confused for termites or termite damage, like various types of
ants, certain beetles, and even a few types of fungus! It is useful to
know from the beginning exactly what kind of pest is causing the

– Although you may have only recently noticed the signs of termites, it
doesn’t necessarily mean they are a new infestation. Termites are good
at remaining undetected and there is a chance they’ve been there longer
than you were aware. The longer a problem goes untreated, the more
extensive remedial efforts will need to be.

Termite treatments are usually best left to the professionals to handle.
We have the right equipment and the expertise to get it done right the
first time!

For most people, homes are our greatest investments, termites and other
wood destroying pests are a serious threat to their well being. If you
are concerned about the hazards termites pose to your home or business,
schedule a free consultation today!

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