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Termite Pest Control for Businesses


At Scout Pest control we offer several alternatives to eliminating and protecting your business or commercial property from the destructive force of Termites. Termites can often go undetected for years, and cause significant damage! Rather than risk having to close their doors for major repairs after an infestation, many businesses proactively treat to prevent termite issues!

Thousands of worker termites in a bait station

We offer two types of treatments for termites in commercial properties:

In most cases with a commercial property, we recommend having a liquid termite treatment done. This will provide a long-lasting residual control against termite infestation. The only maintenance that needs to happen is an annual inspection, and possibly re-treatment if there is construction that removes the soil immediately next to the foundation.

In some cases, Termite Baiting is the preferred method to control termites for businesses. This is often the case for environmentally conscious companies, as well as for companies looking to set up a termite plan with a lower initial investment than that of baiting. With this option, we come out 4 times a year and inspect the stations installed in the soil around the building. Once a year we will need to perform a full termite inspection. This option can have a little more maintenance, and landscapers need to be aware of stations so as to not bury or remove them, but many people feel the trade offs are well worth the extra effort!


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