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Termite Pest Control for Huntsville, Madison, and Athens AL

Termites are a key insect in our ecosystem, but they cause serious damage to many homes and businesses in Athens, Madison, and Huntsville every year. While termites are beneficial in the wild, when they begin to enter and feed on our homes and buildings they can cause a tremendous amount of damage and need to be stopped.
A few warning signs that you may have a problem include: small mud tubes anywhere along the foundation home, in the crawl space, or anywhere else; Damp or bubbled places in walls behind the paint; Small holes filled with mud or dirt appearing in walls; a squishy board or mud around any board; A hollow sound when tapping on what should be solid boards.
Residential Termite Pest Control

To help prevent infestations, avoid conditions that can draw termites in. Fix drainage issues to pull moisture away from the building or home. Install gutters, and make sure that downspout function properly. Keep plants and bushes trimmed away from exterior walls. Make sure a moisture barrier is properly installed in your crawl space, and that there are no leaks in your plumbing. Be sure that crawl space venting is adequate, and functional. Moisture problems in a crawl space greatly increase your chances of having a termite infestation. If your crawl space has a lot of insect activity (spiders, crickets, etc) it is probably too wet. Most crawl spaces have a fairly low-level of insect activity. Usually just a few spiders. If it smells musty it’s too wet. One inexpensive thing that can help to fix damp crawl spaces is the installation of a power vent on one or more of your current vents.  By making these changes, and keeping an eye out for any signs of a termite infestation you can reduce the chances of having a problem.

At Scout Pest Control we use a termite baiting system to Intercept and Eliminate termites before they reach your home. Baiting has grown to be an effective tool in the control and prevention of Termites. Using a termite baiting system we install bait stations in the ground around the home or business. These stations have wood to ground contact, becoming attractive to subterranean termites. As termites are out foraging through the soil in search of new sources of food they are likely to encounter these stations. Once termite activity has been discovered, we place a specially baited product down inside the stations. This bait will then be spread through the colony, eventually eliminating the termite colony!

Residential Termite Pest Control

In addition to offering termite baiting, we also perform conventional liquid termite treatments. Liquid termite treatments have been around for years, and they are a good tool to be able to use. For liquid termite treatments we recommend Termidor. We do offer alternatives in rare situations. In some situations a liquid treatment is preferable to a baiting system, while in others the baiting system is better. Our technicians are trained to identify issues that would make one option better than the other for you. A few advantages: While liquid treatments generally have a higher upfront cost, they are usually less expensive in following years; Liquid treatments usually work faster than termite baiting; Liquid treatment continue to provide some protection even if you choose not to renew the annual termite service.

Whichever way you choose to control your termites, we have you covered.


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