Termite Treatment Options

So, you want to protect your home from termites. What’s next? There are several termite treatment options available, but it’s extremely important that you pick wisely. Don’t worry, Scout Pest Control is here to help! We will be going over some of the many¬†termite treatment options available.¬†


If your home or building has been constructed recently, it most likely has been pre-treated with a soil termiticide, there are a wide variety of termiticides and each has its own properties. Some pretreatment only last a year or two. Baiting stations provide no control at all, unless they are continually monitored. Other soil treatments last as long as 15 years and provide a high level of control. Still further, there are wood treatments that last the lifetime of the wood, and can prevent mold as well as termites!

It is important to understand that most builders look to the cheapest option when it comes to pre-treating for termites, and not necessarily what will be the best option long-term for your home. Unless you specifically push for one of the higher level options, your home may be treated with something that only lasts a short while.

Liquid Termite Treatments

For many years, termiticides have been referred to as the traditional method when it comes to termite treatment. Yes, it works, but there are some flaws to using chemicals to repel or kill termites. When the technician is treating the soil with the termiticide, the product creates a barrier that will either repel the termites or slowly kill the termites. This doesn’t always work, though. Termites can at times find ways around the chemical barrier.

Termite Baits

Termite baits consist of a bait station filled with wood to lure the termites in, then they are baited with a treated type of cardboard, paper, or pure cellulose -a.k.a. termite food. Most termite bait stations are below ground, but with active infestations, there is a type that can be placed over an active termite mud-tube. The termites are attracted to the bait, it is like offering ice cream and candy versus vegetables. The termite baits are much more easily digested and harvested. When they eat the bait, they are infected with a hormone specific to termites that will eventually kill them. Slow-acting substances are more likely to be transmitted to other termites and tend to be more successful than those that work too quickly, as other termites will avoid dead termites. Some people use termite baits as a stand-alone treatment while others use the bait in conjunction with liquid termiticides.

I know what I want to do, now what?

Great! Now that you know what kind of treatment option you want to start with, go ahead and give us a call. We will help you counter-attack the termites with our various treatment options. Don’t hesitate, call us today! We specialize in termite baiting and termite treatment, termite infestations, and other rodent eliminations.

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