Termites Responding to the attractant in our bait stations

Thousands of worker termites in a bait station

Normally when we go to check one of our termite bait stations, if there is activity we see a few mud tubes, and maybe a couple of termites out running around inside of the station.

At a home earlier this week, when we were checking our stations, we found this! One of the great things about using the Exterra Termite Bait stations is that we have the option to use something called Focus with it. Focus is a termite attractant. It puts out the CO2 as if there were a large rotting tree stump where we use it. This congregation by termite workers in the bottom of the bait station isn’t normal behavior. I think they are coming in, in droves, to get at where we put that termite attractant.

Termite Station loaded with Termite Bait

What that means for you – Using our termite baiting service we can generally have a faster find time for termites in the soil to discover the stations. Once the stations are discovered, we add the bait. The picture to the left is of that same bait station, now filled with bait. The termite bait – called Labyrinth AC – will spread as worker termites eat it and feed it to the rest of the colony. As it works through the workers, soldiers, and to the queen, it will work to eliminate the entire termite colony, and help control termite activity around your home or business!

Focus termite attractant isn’t available with the other baiting systems on the market, most of which are the ones commonly used in the Athens, Madison, and Huntsville areas.

Just one more advantage to using Scout Pest Control for all your pest and termite control needs!


– Jared Toone

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