Tips for Flea and Tick Control

Make Bath Time A Priority

If your pet enjoys rolling in the grass, going on walks, or exploring, they are at risk for fleas and ticks. Having a regular scheduled day for baths once a week can help keep these pests out of their fur.

Wash Bedding Frequently

Fleas and ticks tend to hide in dark and small cracks and crevices. This includes your carpet, rugs, closets, cars, carpets, or even your bedding.

Vacuum Correctly

When vacuuming your floors, be sure to empty the bag at the end of vacuuming and dispose of it in an outside trash receptacle. Fleas can survive in the vacuum bag and reproduce, ultimately causing your efforts to be a waste.

Scan For Ticks

When your pet comes in from outside, giving them a quick rub down or brushing may help you locate ticks faster. If you feel a tick on your pet or yourself, carefully remove it and dispose of it properly.

Preventative Treatments

Veterinarians can recommend high quality flea and tick prevention treatments for your fur babies. This is important to help keep them from getting out of hand, but alone it doesn’t guarantee you won’t have an infestation.

Contact Scout Pest Control

Scout Pest Control can rid your home of fleas, ticks, and other pests both inside and in the yard through one of our customized treatment programs.

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