Why Set Up Recurring Pest Services

It may seem that you should only hire pest control services when you need them. Why would you pay the “bug man” to come out every couple of months if you don’t have a bug problem? There are actually quite a few reasons to set up recurring pest services. Today we will discuss a few of these in detail.

Reasons to set up recurring pest services

Here are some of the most important reasons that you should spend the money on recurring pest services.

  1. Some pests take a while to eradicate

    Not all pests that invade your home will be gotten rid of in just one visit from pest control. In fact, the number of treatments you need will be determined by the pest you are trying to control. For example, the life cycles of fleas and roaches mean that multiple visits are necessary to destroy all of the eggs and prevent a recurrence of the problem.

    Spiders, especially, need time and patience to be completely eradicated. Scout Pest Control’s FAQ page speaks to the proper way to destroy spiders—especially the brown recluses and black widows common to Alabama.

  2. Prevention

    Northern Alabama’s temperate climate means that we can have pest problems year-round. Nothing helps prevent pest outbreaks like recurring maintenance that aims to control each season’s target insects. Remember, just because you cannot see any sign of unwanted intruders, that doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

    See Scout’s answer to the questions “I don’t see any bugs, do I still need your service?” on their FAQ page for more about this issue.

  3. Lowered costs

    Recurring pest services may seem like a lot of money for a problem you may not even be experiencing. However, over time recurring maintenance has been shown to reduce your pest control costs. In general, buying a package of recurring services will come with a discount. Emergency calls to your pest controller because of a sudden insect problem can cost much more because of premiums attached to the service.

  4. Peace of mind

    Nothing will help your overall peace of mind more than knowing that your house is free of unwanted critters. This extra layer of security frees you up to enjoy your life and not worry about potential damage caused by annoying guests.


In Northern Alabama, we have a lot of pests to fight against. Ants, termites, roaches, spiders, the list goes on. Having to wage the battle year-round can seem exhausting. That is why you should hire a professional to fight for you. Scheduling recurring pest control services form experts like those at Scout Pest Services can help you control the pests that seek to enter our homes and cause damage. The peace of mind and prevention that these services can provide are worth their weight in gold.

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