Wolf Spiders

Wolf Spiders

At Scout Pest Control, we are dedicated to helping you with spider elimination, rodent and insect exclusion, and other pest control services. As we move into the summer months, you might be outside in the evenings or swimming at night. There are thousands of species of spiders, but the Wolf Spider spends its time hunting at night, thus, making it harder to see


Spiders are very common year-round, but some of these pests are nocturnal. Wolf Spiders are among these. While their bite isn’t life threatening, you might be allergic to their venom.

How to identify Wolf Spiders

Wolf Spiders primarily depend on the use of camouflage for protection. With that said, you won’t find them with any kind of flamboyant, or flashy appearance.

If you wake up in the middle of the night and you see a spider, get a flashlight. If it’s a Wolf Spider, the beam of light will be reflected back by the spider’s eyes and will produce a noticeable glow.

Wolf Spider Venom

The Wolf Spider’s venom isn’t life threatening, but you should always be wary if bitten. You could be allergic to the venom and you might not know it! If bitten, symptoms include swelling, mild pain, and itching. If the symptoms persist for several days, go to the hospital for treatment.

Scout Pest Control

If you have unwanted spiders around your home, call Scout Pest Control. Scout Pest Control will help you with your insect and rodent exclusion, spider elimination, and other pest control services.

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